You Are
What You Eat

The proposed art gallery show, You Are What You Eat, features the works of eight artists who use food as a medium to address political and social issues.

The identity encompasses both editorial and digital spaces to delve into this subject matter through the use of imagery, color, and typography inspired by protest movements and aims to highlight the profound ways that food has intersected with culture.  

Table setting

The digital installation in the form of a dinner table employs projection mapping to integrate editorial content into a captivating environment, suitable for display in art galleries and public spaces.

This invites the audience to interact with the show in am alternative, but intimate setting enabling a deeper examination of the artwork and written content.


The accompanying 155 page editorial for the show features an in-depth examination of the works of 8 artists: Félix González-Torres, Theaster Gates, Janine Antoni, Alison Knowles, Nao Bustamante, He Xiangyu, Rirkrit Tiravanija, and Minerva Cuevas. The editorial utilizes an unconventional grid structure to parallel the disruptive and critical approach these artists take towards the actions and behaviors of corporations, governments, and societal norms. 

Jillian Stiles ︎