It’s OK to ask!

We’ve all been there, with some hastily written notes on scrap paper and a dream, you wander into The Home Depot looking for a solution to your DIY problem. Confident that you’ve grabbed the right parts for the job, you leave, only to be back that afternoon with more questions and likely more frustrations. The Ideas & Solutions center aims to fix that.

Existing in-store as a central location for customers to easily ask questions. The Ideas & Solutions center lets all customers from the unseasoned to the Ron Swanson’s know “It’s ok to ask” for help or inspiration in any problem.


The Ideas & Solutions activations address questions that a DIY novice may have but feel too embarrassed to voice. By making these questions the focus of the conversation, the activations aim to welcome those who are new to DIY while not alienating long-time Home Depot customers. The visuals achieve this balance by incorporating common materials found in the store as textures and patterns, while still utilizing the recognizable Home Depot orange color scheme.


Expanding on the in-store station and spatial campaign, the sub brand would also live as a quarterly companion guide featuring additional DIY tips and project inspiration using in-store products as a template to inspire and challenge customers to explore new products in-store and begin their own DIY projects.

Social Space

The brand tone can convert easily into a social platform, using questions and answers as a way to create engaging and fun social posts and content. 

Jillian Stiles ︎