Fog Coffee

Fog is a premium canned coffee beverage that aims to offer an elevated and aesthetic-driven coffee experience to clear the fog we all get in our heads when we wake up or are trying to get through the afternoon.

The label design is built off that idea of brain fog - the lack of clarity you feel when you’re tired. This informs the label by
re-creating those scrambled thoughts from your mind and packing them all in a typographic bubble of thought, waiting to be cleared away.

This extends to the logo for fog. Leaning on that moment of pause while you gather your thoughts it shares form with the elipses “...” Those three dots become the connecting shape of the logo and inconography for flavor copy on the secondary packaging.

Clear and concise

We all feel groggy, slow-moving, and muddled when we first wake up and have not yet organized our thoughts for the day. I wanted the typography to be a graphic representation of this early morning brain fog.

By limiting the color palette to black, I was able to create a clear visual contrast with the silver exterior of the can, maintaining an elevated brand image and focusing on simple but bold forms for the labels.

Outside the box

The exterior packaging features minimal typography and highlights the material, giving it a sleek appearance that differentiates it from more colorful and typography heavy competition.

The use of Letraset foil for the logo and body copy emphasizes the material of the can, while the graphic typography element is showcased as a spot UV on the front, which can blend seamlessly into the material of the box or have a subtle appearance, reminiscent of fog.

Jillian Stiles ︎