I’m Jillian, an art director and designer that loves story driven design and building creative communities!


You Are What You Eat

#Transmedia #Editorial #Motion

You Are What You Eat is a hypothetical exhibition examining the work of 8 contemporary artists that use food as a subject and medium to explore topics of gender, class, race and politics through an editorial and spatial experience.



It’s OK to ask!

#Branding #Strategy #Editorial

A proposed in-store branding concept for Home Depot. A central station for all the times you either couldn’t find someone to figure out what the right tool for the job was, or you were too embarrassed to ask.

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Kinzoo Messenger Stickers
#Motion #Typography #Design

In app stickers and social media content created for the family communication app Kinzoo Messenger

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Fog Coffee

#Packaging #Branding #Typography

Branding of an imagined premium canned coffee made for those with discerning style
and taste.

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